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    Way to Go Fillies!!
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East Meadow Baseball Softball Rules


♦ In-house League Rules:

EM Little League Rules (League Age 7-12): Click Here


EM Girls Softball Rules - Majors (League Age11/12): Click Here

EM Girls Softball Rules - Minors (League Age 9/10): Click Here

EM Girls Softball Rules - Farms (League Age 7/8): Click Here


EM Senior League Rules - Colt (League Age 15/16): Click Here 

EM Senior League Rules - Pony (League Age 13/14): Click Here


EM Mini League Rules (League Age 3 - 6): Click Here 



♦ East Meadow Tournament Rules:

East Meadow Memorial Day Tournament Rules: Click Here


East Meadow 8U Futures Tournament Rules: Click Here

East Meadow Baseball Softball Association is made possible by our Sponsors - Thank you!!

Please support our Sponsors!

Won't you please sponsor our League?  Contact Steve LaSala at steveembsa@gmail.com


2020 Sponsor Letter - Click Here 


2020 Sponsor Form - Click Here


2020 Sponsor List - Click Here




Thanks to High Grade Auto Body's excellent craftsmanship and generosity in donating their creativity, time, materials, and labor to restore the entire body and windshield, our old electric cart now has the "just out of the showroom" look. We are now once again able to transport those that need assistance in getting to the fields. High Grade’s amazing baseball-theme seat cushions add a special touch to the renovation for any baseball and softball fan. 

Hi-Tech Signs was also generous enough to donate its creative skills in doing outstanding, graphic-designed, decorative sign work for the cart. In addition, Dan Ratkewitch's All State Insurance Agency's generous donation enabled us to replace the six, expensive, specialized batteries.

East Meadow Little League and Baseball/Softball Association gives special thanks to these generous local sponsors and to all of our sponsors. Their generosity enables our ALL VOLUNTEER organization to keep our expenses low so the children of East Meadow can play ball at the lowest cost possible. PLEASE SUPPORT ALL OF OUR EAST MEADOW SPONSORS!!!!!







The Latest and Greatest around EMBSA


 ***ATTENTION: EMBSA has POSTPONED All League Activities**

May 7, 2020:
Greetings everyone,
 We have seen some encouraging developments with regard to our goal of starting a baseball and softball season as soon as the various governments deem it safe for our children to do so. There have been announcements noted below from both Nassau County and NYS that give hope that the return to normalcy is close to proceeding along. There were also recent, encouraging, news reports that the virus is less like to be spread if responsible safety precautions are followed and activities are outdoors and in the sun.
     In addition to any recommended Federal, NYS, Nassau County, Town of Hempstead and Little League International safety measures and guidelines, we will also ask all adults and children to comply with certain changes and requirements that we will be implementing even if they not required by the other entities.  We hope the additional requirements and changes will increase the safety of your children and of all adults attending our activities. OUR NUMBER ONE GOAL IS THE SAFETY OF OUR CHILDREN!!!
     Last week Nassau County government officials announced that the number of people on ventilators and the amount of positive Covid-19 cases in Nassau County were dropping. These were two of the three requirements that had to be met under the Federal plan in order to begin Phase 1 under the Federal government’s phased comeback plan to re-opening. The third requirement was increased testing availability with respect to the Covid-19 virus. The opening of multiple test sites in Nassau County was reported in the news this week giving us hope that we will soon meet all three of the Federal requirements.
     However, under the Federal plan, it is up to NY State to direct the phased-in process. On Monday, Gov. Cuomo provided new details about the process that New York plans to follow for reopening as the coronavirus continues to decline in the State. Mr. Cuomo listed seven requirements each of the State's 10 regions must meet before restrictions meant to slow the virus’s spread could be eased in each NY region.
  • A 14-day decline in hospitalizations, or fewer than 15 a day.
  • A 14-day decline in virus-related hospital deaths, or fewer than five a day.
  • A steady rate of new hospitalizations below 2 per 100,000 residents a day.
  • A hospital-bed vacancy rate of at least 30 percent.
  • An availability rate for intensive care unit beds of at least 30 percent.
  • At least 30 virus tests per 1,000 residents conducted a month.
  • At least 30 working contact tracers per 100,000 residents.
    We will continue to update you as we become aware of any new developments. We hope you and your family are healthy and  are staying safe.
Steve La Sala






♦ Registration: POSTPONED, as of 3/14/20

  Any questions, click here: registration@embsa.net 

Then click on the green Log In button on top right corner. New users: create ID and Password

 Print to mail in the form along with any supporting documents that is required.


Challenger Division:  EMBSA offers a Challenger Division.  For more information about our Challenger program or how to register, click on the Challenger link under the Main Menu or please contact Lee Cook at: lee@embsa.net.  Volunteer as a "Challenger Buddy" - Individuals or teams welcomed (meets community service requirements). For more information on volunteering as a Challenger Buddy, please contact Lee Cook.   



♦ EMBSA Complex Open has been scheduled for Saturday, March 28th!! - POSTPONED, as of 3/14/20

Complex open has been scheduled for Saturday, 3/28/20 at 9am. An hour or more can make a difference. And for those of you who marked off Complex Open/Close on your child's registration, here's your chance to help.

Batting cage nets needs to be put up, garbage cans and picnic tables needs to be put out, sponsor signs needs to be hung, etc. Yard work attire recommended. When you arrive, please see Bobby Powell, our Field Crew Chief over at the field maintenance building.

Thank you for your time and commitment!

Bobby Powell
Field Crew Chief



♦ EMBSA gives thanks to the approved volunteers for 2019Click here


♦ 2020 Spring Intramural: Check back later this Spring for team updates.


2019 Spring Teams  
Mini League Kickball: Mini League Tee Ball:
KB #1 Powell Century 21 TB #101 Roccaro Big Chief School & Camp
KB #2 Lamaitis TB #102 Dantuono Apollo Diner
KB #3 Rinella/Elsheemy Sarah Beth Academy TB #103 Facendola Frantoni’s Pizza
  TB #104 Tauber Merrick Woods
KB #5 DeCampi TB #105 Smith/Olson Garden Social
KB #6 Hohl TB #106 Brush Dr. Zaso
KB #7 Chohan Krug Team Real Estate TB #107 Lindow Angelo’s Pizza
KB #8 Geraghty TB #108 McKenna / Morosoff Krug Team
  TB #109 Kevin Fitzgerald Century 21
  TB #110 Negron Greater Smiles Orthodontics
GSB Ponytails: GSB Farms:
P1 Barnwell/Lipack F1 Yerkes
P2 Micciche F2 Lukasik
P3 Viveros F3 LoPorto
P4 Teemsma  
P5 Lederer  
GSB Minors: GSB Majors:
MN1  Lederer MJ1 Catalano
MN2 Moran MJ2 Maniscalco
MN3 Lipack  
MN4 Cronin  
EMLL Rookie 7: EMLL Rookie 8:
LL41 Brush LL31 Marcharski
LL42 Scali LL32 Ackerman
LL43 Carretta LL33 Provitera
LL44 McBrien LL34 Sanderson
EMLL Minors: EMLL Majors: 
LL11 Heyman LL1 Komis
LL12 Levinsohn LL2 Haber
LL13 Cassano LL3 Augustyn
LL14 Francis LL4 Stein
LL15 Schwabe  
EMSL Broncos: EMSL Pony:
EM Mustangs Dominguez EM Mustangs Tauber
  EM Mustangs Lupo
EMSL Colt: EMSL Big League:
EM Mustangs Kong EM Mustangs Ryan
EM Mustangs Catalano  
EM Mustangs Weber  




With sincere gratitude for their time and commitment to the children of this great East Meadow community, East Meadow Baseball Softball Association gives thanks to the following approved volunteers for 2019:

Ackerman, Daniel Heyman, Carey Sanderson, Kevin
Alexander, Seth Hohl, Charles Santos, Theresa
Alfano, Frank Hohl, Karen Scali, Edward
Alfano, Robert Iliopoulos, Thanasi Schroeck, Michael Sr.
Amodeo, Keith Jacobs,Jason Schwabe, Patrizia
Anello, Mark Kahl, Michael Schwabe, Raymond
Augustyn, Mitchel Kamper, Kevin Schwartz, Andrew
Barnwell, Christine Kemler, Matthew Scott, Charles
Barnwell, Michael Klepner, Daniel Shepard, James
Barra, Lawrence Koehler, Todd Silwa, Ilyse
Beiner, Michael Komis, Constantinos Silwa, Lukasz
Belfield, William Kong, Mel Simensky, Kaitlin
Blanco, Daniel Lachoff, Lauren Simensky, Kyle
Bodendorf, Richard Lamaitis, Kathleen Slobodin, Matt
Broome, Kathy Lasala, Stephen Smith, Matthew
Broome, Michael Lederer, Timothy Squillante, Louis
Brown, Donald Leone, Salvatore St.Lucia, Lauren
Brush, Thomas Levinsohn, Norman St.Lucia, Paul
Buttner, Karen Lindow, Andrew Stein, Thomas
Calabro, Peter Lipack, Kelly Steinhaus, Todd
Calderon, Luis Lipack, Matthew Summers, Hope
Carretta, Phil Lipoveg, Anthony Tauber, Nathaniel
Cassano, Victor Lopez, Louis Teemsma, Christopher
Castle, Courtney Louzeiro, Roy Tejeda, Samuel
Catalano, Michael Lupo, Joseph Terino, Michael
Catalano, Tracy Mahan, Connor Van O'Linda, Kelly
Cavazza, John Maniscalco, Frank Ventura, Richard
Chohan, Ahmad Markowski, Stephen Viveiros, Peter
Cialone, Joseph Mazzarella, James Wakely, Robert
Clifford, Joanna Mcbrien, William Wallace, Thomas
Cohen, Jason McKenna, Seth Wanatick, Eric
Cohen,Daniel McQuillan, Roger Weber, Al
Cook, Lee McShane, Kevin Webman, Diana
Cronin, William McSherry-ng, Kelly Webman, Jeremy
Dantuono, Michael Meoli, Richard Welsh, Michael
DeCampi, Gregory Merendino, Russell Whitehurst, Mark
Destafano, Frank Merkle, Thomas Wier, Paul
Dolengewicz, Christopher Micciche, Chistopher Wood, Caryn
Dominguez, Richard Mocharski, Robert Wood, Michael
Dowling, Daniel Moran, Timothy Wu, Chien
Elsheemy, Amal Morosoff, David Yagman, Danielle
Facendola, Giovanni Negron, Jose Yerkes, Alison
Febesh, Stuart Nelson, Christopher Yerkes, Russell
Fefferman, Brian Newman, Jason Zacharias, Frank
Ferdinand, Richard Olson, Robert Zarate, Alkin
Fitzgerald, Kevin O'Sullivan, barbara  
Flynn,John Palacio, Jorge  
Francis, Matthew Piccoli, Richard  
Frisch, Angela Pollack, Harvey  
Frisch, Benjamin Powell, Janet  
Gailing, David Powell, Robert  
Gallo, Anthony Provitera, Paxton  
Gangi, William Ramos, Christina  
Garcia, Eric Rinella, Melody  
Geraghty, Melinda Ritter, Gerald  
Goldberg, Michael Roccaro, Joseph  
Gonzalez, Kimberly Rose, Daniel  
Haber, Alan Rosenau, Caryn  
Halkitis, Michael Ryan, James  
Hernandez, Orlando Salem, Parisa  
Last modified June 5, 2019    


You too can be a Volunteer:

 Volunteer background checks, 

Click here for Annual 2020 Volunteer Form - First time


Click here for Annual 2020 Volunteer "Basic" Form - Returning volunteers


All those who would like to volunteer must complete a 2020 Volunteer background check. Background check is an annual requirement.

If you are unsure if you are on the approved list, please contact your respective Player Agent or League Director.

"Be aware that background checks which are done by, or required by, landlords or property owners do not satisfy the regulation. Also, other city, county, or state background checks do not meet the regulation. It is mandatory that the local league do its own background checks on all the required individual such as, but not limited to, team managers, coaches, additional practice coaches, board members, umpires, or other volunteer, or hired workers who provide regular service to the league and/or have repetitive access to, or contact with, players or teams."



USA Baseball Bat Standard

As of January 1, 2018, the new USA Baseball Bat Standard was implemented. USABat Standard bats must be used in the Little League Major Baseball Division and below. Either USABat Standard bats or BBCOR bats must be used at the Intermediate (50/70) Baseball and Junior League Baseball Divisions. At the Senior League Baseball Division, all bats must be meet the BBCOR standard. Little League-approved baseball bats that were approved for use for the 2017 season will no longer be acceptable for use in any Little League game or activity as of January 1, 2018. For more information on the USABat standard and a complete list of bats approved through the USABat Standard, visit usabat.com.


For more information, please click on the useful links below








East Meadow Little League Field Crew Lead by Crew Chief Bobby Powell


2019 Complex Open:





Field Crew humanitarians freeing a trapped goose.



Introducing the new and improved WAKECAT Super 2000 Hydro-vac Series 2017-2:


The WAKECAT Super 2000 Hydro-vac Series 2017-1:
























2019 8-10 Girls Division District 32 NY Champs!

Way to Go Fillies!!



2019 Girls Major League District 32 NY Champs!

 Way to Go Fillies!!



Hempstead Town Councilman Dennis Dunne, Sr. honors

 East Meadow's Junior Division 2018 Williamsport:

District 32 Champions, Section 4 East Champions and New York Finalists


Hempstead Town Councilman Dennis Dunne, Sr. congratulated East Meadow Mustangs Junior Division as they were the 2018 Williamsport: District 32 Champions, Section 4 East Champions, and New York Finalists.  East Meadow Little League (East Meadow Baseball/Softball Association) thanks Councilman Dennis Dunne, Sr. for his continued support of our great program for the boys and girls of East Meadow. 



Hempstead Town Councilman Dennis Dunne, Sr. honors

East Meadow's Boys 10U 2018 Williamsport District 32 Champions

Hempstead Town Councilman Dennis Dunne, Sr. was a guest at East Meadow Little League's boys 
travel team dinner to honor the East Meadow Mustangs 10U 2018 Williamsport District 32 Champions.  East Meadow Little League (East Meadow Baseball/Softball Association) thanks Councilman Dennis Dunne, Sr. for his continued support of our great program for the boys and girls of East Meadow. 



Hempstead Town Councilman Dennis Dunne, Sr. honors

East Meadow's 12U Girls Fast-pitch Softball 2018 Williamsport District 32 Champions



Congratulations to the 2018 boys East Meadow 13/14 year old team for taking 3rd place overall in the Williamsport New York State Juniors Division! Way to Go Mustangs!


Congratulations to the EM Mustangs 10U team as they are the

2018 Boys 10 year old District 32 NY Champs!

Way to Go Mustangs!


2018 Girls Major League District 32 NY Champs!

Way to Go Fillies!!




East Meadow Girls Softball 2017 10U Division NY Section 4 East Champions!! 

 Way to go Fillies!!



East Meadow Boys 2017 10U Division District 32 Champions!! 

 Way to go Mustangs!!


East Meadow Girls Softball 2017 8-9-10 Division District 32 Champions!!

Way to go Fillies!!




East Meadow Mustangs 2017 Intermediate 50/70 

NY Section 4 East Champions




 East Meadow Mustangs 2017 District 32 Junior Division Champs!



East Meadow Mustangs 2015 11U District Champions