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EMBSA Bob Powell Maintenance Facility


 On Monday, 11/15/21, EMBSA's field Crew Chief Bob Powell was presented and honored with the naming of the field maintenance garage after him. The extensive contribution of his time volunteering at EMBSA and his dedication to ensuring the fiields are maintained and ready for the children to play their games, day in and day out, year after year, has made a tremendous impact to the League. With gratitude and sincere appreciation, the maintenance building is now known as, EMBSA Bob Powell Maintenance Facility  Thank you Bob Powell!




East Meadow Little League Field Crew Lead by Crew Chief Bobby Powell



 Mark smiling and enjoying the manual labor of mixing in speedy dry...which does look quite even and uniform - great job Mark!



2019 Complex Open:





Field Crew humanitarians freeing a trapped goose.



Introducing the new and improved WAKECAT Super 2000 Hydro-vac Series 2017-2:


The WAKECAT Super 2000 Hydro-vac Series 2017-1: