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The Latest and Greatest around EMBSA





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2023 Current Events: 


2023 Girls Softball Travel Dinner 

The 2023 Girls Softball Travel Dinner held on Monday, 11/6/23 at The Bayview in Freeport was a night to remember!  Fantastic venue and preparations led by Ms Necci made the night memorable and FUN for ALL!  EMBSA thanks the GSB Board, coaches, players and parents!



Congratulations to the East Meadow Fillies 10U team as they are

 the 2023 Hotstove Fall Tournament Champions! Way to Go Fillies!










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♦ 2024 Spring Intramural Registration - Available soon!


Little League Age Charts:


2024 Boys Age Chart

2024 Girls Age Chart 


Send registration questions to: registration@embsa.net.   

Online Registration:   Click here for Online Registration





Equipment needed by League:

Click for Mini League

Click for Little League

Click for Senior League

Click for Girls Softball League 


Click here for League contacts.


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EMBSA brings you savings at Dick's Sporting Goods







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Congratulations to the East Meadow Fillies 10U team as they are

the 2023 East Meadow Fall Classic Tournament Champions! Way to Go Fillies!




Congratulations to the East Meadow Mustangs 10U team as they are

The 2023 East Meadow Labor Day Weekend Tournament Champions!! Way to Go Mustangs!



Congratulations to the East Meadow Fillies 12U 2010 team as they are

the 2023 NYSA Hot Stove Champions!! Way to Go Fillies!



Congratulations to the East Meadow Fillies 12U 2011 team as they are the 2023 NYSA Hot Stove Champions and

the 2023 East Meadow Summer Sizzle Tournament Runner Ups!

Way to Go Fillies!! 






Congratulations to Plainview Hawks as they are the 2023 Summer Sizzle Tournament 12U Champions!



Congratulations to the East Meadow Fillies 10U Gold team as they are the 2023 Summer Sizzle Tournament Champions! 

And Congratulations to the East Meadow Fillies 9U team as they are the Runner Up!

Way to Go Fillies!!

Not in picture is Coach Mike and Kaitlyn 


Not in picture is Aliana 


Congratulations to the East Meadow 12U Girls Williamsport Team as they are the

2023 NY District 32 Champions!!


 We are all very proud of you! Way to go Fillies! Good luck in Sections!





Congratulations to the East Meadow Fillies 10U Gold team as they are the

2023 Plainedge Firecracker Tournament Champs! 

 Way to go Fillies!! 






2023 LL Majors Division Champions


2023 GSB Majors Division Champions


2023 LL Minors Division Champions


2023 GSB Minors Division Champions


2023 GSB Majors Division All Stars


2023 GSB Minors Division All Stars


2023 GSB Farms All Stars



Congratulations to the EM Fillies 10U Gold as they are the 2023 EM Swing into Spring Tournament Champions!! 

Way to Go Fillies!!



Congratulations to the EM Fillies 10U Gold as they are the 2023 EM Memorial Day Tournament Runner-Up!!

Way to Go Fillies!!













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Fund Raiser Tickets Raffle Content Money Drive 3d Illustration Stock Photo,  Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 130315982.

2022 EMBSA 50/50 Fundraiser - Help Support Your League Campaign

Help keep YOUR Field Complex beautiful.  EMBSA is selling 50/50 raffles at our Snack Bar for $1.00. Proceeds goes to repairs and maintenance costs at the Field Complex. First drawing for 2022 will be on Sunday, 5/8. Stop in our Snack bar and help contribute to YOUR League! 

If you or someone you know would like to make a charitable, tax deductible donation, or would like to be a sponsor for East Meadow Little League, please email us at: info@embsa.net.

Thank you for your support in helping us make this a terrific place for the children to play!


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2024 Summer Camps - Available in 2024



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 ♦ 2023 East Meadow Baseball  / Softball Association Teams


Mini League  
KB1 Lamaitis  KB4 Powell 
KB2 Yakubovsky  KB5 Naples
KB3 Rommeney  KB6 Buschi 
TB101 Hohl  TB105 Carretta
TB102 Balbi TB106 Bermudez
TB103 Jackson TB107 Hoard
TB104 Iliopoulos  TB108 Toscano 
Little League  
LL1 Powell LL4 Brush
LL2 Kammerer LL5 Rosenkrantz
LL3 McBrien LL6 Provitera
LL11 Morosoff LL13 Dantuono
LL12 Sanderson LL14 Smith
Rookie 8:  
LL21 Mazzello  LL23 Pashnick 
LL22 Merkle  LL24 Pursino 
Rookie 7:  
LL31 Margaroli  LL33 Scalzo 
LL32 Molina  LL34 Sichler 
Girls Softball  
P1 Hanson   P4 Suarez
P2 Strein  P5 Boeh
P3 Laino   P6 Geldert
MJ1 Jerome  MJ3 Webman
MJ2 LoPorto   
MN1 Iliopuolos MN3 Barra
MN2 Balbi MN4 Kong
F1 Tortora  F3 Scali 
F2 Doelger  F4 Barra 
Senior League Pony Murello 



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 ♦ EMBSA gives thanks to the approved volunteers for 2023


With sincere gratitude for their time and commitment to the children of this great East Meadow community, East Meadow Baseball Softball Association gives thanks to the following approved volunteers for 2023:



Alexander, Seth Lipovec, Antonio
Ambrosino, Christopher Lopez, Ricardo
Alfano, Frank Loporto, Mark
Aurigemma, Gregory Lucena, Luis
Balbi, Christopher Mando, Jeffery
Balbi, Howard Mattia, Bob
Balbi, Karen Margaroli, Amy
Balbi, Patricia Margaroli, Steve
Barlone, Mike Mastropietro, Anthony
Barnwall, Christine Mazzarella, Jim
Barnwell, Mike Mazzello, John
Barra, Lawrence Meredino, Russell
Beckett, Carol Merkle, Brian
Beckett, James Melnick, Mathew
Beiner, Michael Meoli, Rich
Bernudez, Adam McBrien, William
Boeh, Jeremy McShane, Kevin
Bodt, Taylor Molina, David
Brush, Joseph Monez, Catherine
Brush, Thomas Monez, Jennifer
Buschi, Louis Morello, Anthony
 Campagnuolo, Rebecca Morosoff, David
Cardenia, Salvatore Naples, Michael
Carretta, Philip Necci, Benjamin
Catalano, Michael Necci, Shannon
Cassano, Victor Nehrebecki, David
Cliofford, Joanna Nicovic, Anthony
Connoly, Edward O'Brien, William
Cook, Lee Otaroloa, Nicholas
Costella, Keil Pashnick, Alan
Cruz, Christopher Perullo, Richard
Dantuono, Michael Pinto, Joseph
Dantuono, Nichole Pollack, Harvey
Doelger, Christopher Powell, Robert
Drogowitz, Stephanie Provitera, Paxton
Durso, Robert Pursino, Matthew
Fefferman, Brian Rinella, Brett
Ferdinand, Rich Rinella, Melody
Flack, Melissa Ramsamooj, Roger
Flynn, John Reyes, Junior
Freeman, Thomas Rommeney, Kevin
Frisch, Benjamin Sanderson, Kevin
Gailing, David Santos-Flores, Maurico
Gallo, Tony. Scali, Edward
Geldert, John Serpico, Michael
Gorman, Jason Scalzo, John
Halkitis, Mike Scott, Charles
Hana, Eddie Sichler, Mellissa
Hanson, Erica Sichler, Scott
Hanson, John Slobodin, Matt
Herskovitz, Lauren Smith, Matthew
Heyman, Corey Strein, John
Hoard, Tommy Sputo, Daniel
Hohl, Charles Summers, Hope
Iliopoulos, Thanasi Taffel, Jeremy
Jackson, Matt Teemsma, Christopher
Janssen, Karl Tellason,. Roy
Jerome, Jacqueline Tirado, Wifredo
Johnson, Chris Tortoa, Johnathan
Kamper, Kevin Toscano, Christopher
Kammerer, Matthew Viverios, Peter
Kearney, Michael Wakely, Robert
Klepner, Daniel Ward, Donna
Kong, Mel Ward, Michael
Krug, Richard Webman, Jeremy
Lai, Erik Wisniewski, Billy
Laino, Nicholas Wisniewski, Brian
Lamaitis, Kathleen Yakubousky, Andrew
LaSala, Steve Yandoli, Christopher
Lim, Brian Yerkes, Allison
  Yerkes, Russell


Last updated 9/29/23  


You too can be a Volunteer: 

 Volunteer background checks - Send email to: volunteerform@embsa.net




All those who would like to volunteer must complete a 2023 Volunteer background check. Background check is an annual requirement.

If you are unsure if you are on the approved list, please contact your respective Player Agent or League Director.

"Be aware that background checks which are done by, or required by, landlords or property owners do not satisfy the regulation. Also, other city, county, or state background checks do not meet the regulation. It is mandatory that the local league do its own background checks on all the required individual such as, but not limited to, team managers, coaches, additional practice coaches, board members, umpires, or other volunteer, or hired workers who provide regular service to the league and/or have repetitive access to, or contact with, players or teams."



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USA Baseball Bat Standard

As of January 1, 2018, the new USA Baseball Bat Standard was implemented. USABat Standard bats must be used in the Little League Major Baseball Division and below. Either USABat Standard bats or BBCOR bats must be used at the Intermediate (50/70) Baseball and Junior League Baseball Divisions. At the Senior League Baseball Division, all bats must be meet the BBCOR standard. Little League-approved baseball bats that were approved for use for the 2017 season will no longer be acceptable for use in any Little League game or activity as of January 1, 2018. For more information on the USABat standard and a complete list of bats approved through the USABat Standard, visit usabat.com.


For more information, please click on the useful links below




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